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About Lori 

Lake Harriet

I'm Lori Volding,

of Natural Connections Healing Touch 

offering virtual and in-person energy healing therapy. 



The basis of wellbeing, inclusion, and compassion led me through enriching experiences in my 20 plus years of teaching and coaching in the public school system.  Over time, these experiences evolved, and my intuition crystalized, guiding me to my practice today.

The Healing Touch Program, an internationally recognized and accredited program, is where I completed my training and apprenticeship to become a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  As a former teacher, I appreciate the rigor and high standards of this program; it has prepared me to provide clients and patients a supportive path to health and wellbeing.


My experiences in providing Healing Touch includes volunteering in the hospital setting, caring for patients in the ICU, and the medical, surgical, orthopedic, and maternity floors at M Health Fairview Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury, MN, and volunteering through Touch of Care Hospice in Mountain Village, CO.  I have also had the opportunity to care for clients, family members, friends, and healthcare staff in person and virtually.

The most common feedback patients and clients share after their Healing Touch experience is a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing.  The relaxation response is a natural first step in supporting the health and healing of one's body, mind and spirit.

If you have questions or are interested in setting up a Healing Touch energy therapy session, you can reach me by completing a short form. I will then contact you by phone or email.


I look forward to the opportunity to provide you support for optimal health, wellbeing, peace and empowerment!

Lori Volding, HTCP, MSEd

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